LA FOLIE ALMAYER (Almayer’s Folly)
dir. Chantal Akerman

Somewhere in Southeast Asia, in a little lost village on a wide and turbulent river, a European man clings to his pipe dreams out of love for his daughter. A story of passion, loss and mad­ness. Adapted from the novel by Joseph Conrad.

CHIENNES DE VIE (Life’s A Bitch)
dir. Xavier Seron

Chronical of the fascinating and complex relationship between a dog and a human. In three parts, three different characters wonder who dominates who.

NOCES (A Wedding)
dir. Stephan Streker

Zahira, 18, is close to her family until her parents ask her to follow Pakistani tradition to choose a husband. Torn between family customs and her western lifestyle, the young woman turns for help to her brother and confidant Amir.

dir. Louis Lagayette

The Hunted is a survival thriller set against the backdrop of the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean Sea.

BACK HELD HANDS (Η Τέχνη Καταστρέφει)
dir. Nikos Kornilios

A famous actor, after suffering a heart attack, invites his two daughters from Belgium and France. Trying to find a way to keep them by his side, he suggests them to stage an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth for three actors. During the rehearsals, some ugly truths come to the surface, concerning a father who was always absent.

dir. Jonathan Wright

Claire is an MI5 agent who becomes the royal nanny, having to overcome challenges on her mission as she keeps the family safe for Christmas and resists Prince Colin’s charms.

BRAK (Fallow)
dir. Laurent Van Lancker

The fall of Europe. North-Europeans are forced to migrate. Lucas, a middle-class man gets stranded in a coastal village in search of a passage to a brighter elsewhere. There he meets a girl, who could possibly help him for the overseas journey, but at an immoral price. BRAK is based on a novel by Elvis Peeters and filmed on location in real settings (refugee camps and the abandoned city of Doel, Belgium).

dir. Patrick Glotz

Three men left to live quietly in laziness and just getting by until a scam juicier than the rest present itself to them. In the meantime, their wives are unanimously facing redundancy. Panic on board. It’s with terror that our three blokes imagine their future lives, their wives on their case day and night and not a minute of rest.

MATRIARCHY (Μητριαρχία)
dir. Nikos Kornilios

A shelter is threatened by shutdown and demolition. 60 women of different ages, nationalities and social backgrounds gather in order to defend it, attempting to redefine their place in today’s world. By day they discuss and clash over all matters concerning them. Society, sexuality, politics, relations, maternity, work. By night they let themselves free.

WHERE WE LIVE (Εκεί που ζούμε)
dir. Sotiris Goritsas

The day when the center of Athens experiences another usual disturbance, the young lawyer Antonis Speciotis celebrates his birthday. Except that the twenty-four hours of his birthday will develop in a completely unexpected way.

dir. Nicholas Dimitropoulos

Echoes of the Past” is a hard-hitting, suspenseful feature film that deals with one of the most topical legal and moral issues in modern European history, that of war reparations for war crimes committed by Nazi during WW2.